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Business Pathway Sessions

Drop-Ins Begin July 7th!

Drop-in and chat with some business advisors! This is an informal social event to welcome you to the School of Business. Express Advising (from 2-4pm) will be available following the Social Hour for students with specific questions about fall course planning and/or registration. (Via Zoom)

Majors include: Accounting; Advertising Management; Business Technology Analytics; Finance; Human Resource Management; Management & Leadership; Marketing; Supply & Logistics Management

School of Business Social Hour Drop-In

Date Time Link to sign up
7/7 1:00 PM RSVP
7/21 1:00 PM RSVP
8/4 1:00 PM RSVP
8/18 1:00 PM RSVP
9/1 1:00 PM RSVP
9/15 1:00 PM RSVP