Take a Virtual Tour of the Portland State University Campus


We are proud to announce our brand new virtual tour

Along this tour, you’ll visit the main buildings on campus and learn what they are used for, including classrooms, dining halls and event halls. 

IMG_3948Shattuck Hall

There is even a Virtual Reality setting, so you can get completely immersed in a beautiful day on campus with a 360° view.

PSU_Spring2015-124-EditOutside Millar Library

Of course, nothing compares to the feeling of actually being on campus and surrounded by our community, but we think this comes pretty close! If you can’t make it to our campus because you’re too far away or too busy this is an excellent alternative.

EJP_0113Our Park Blocks are a popular spot anytime, but especially on a sunny day.

When I took the tour, I especially liked how the guide explained what each building is used for, like where the dining halls are and where different kinds of classes are held. I think it’s good to know where your classes are being held before the first day of class!

At the bottom of each screen, you’ll see images of the buildings. You can click on these to see different angles and photos taken inside.

My three favorite parts of the tour:

  • You can go at your own pace. You can even go back to a previous location or skip ahead just by clicking on it.
  • The photos are beautiful and definitely show off our gorgeous buildings on campus!
  • The program has an option for captions and even has an accessibility feature, making it super user-friendly.


Another cool feature is that the tour is easily shareable. Just use the “Share experience” icon at the bottom to easily email, share on social media or share a direct link to the page.

Go take the virtual tour ! We’ll see you online.