What is the Honors College at Portland State?


Our University Honors College program is designed to offer highly motivated students an opportunity to dive into studies more thoroughly than you may in other classes. There is a little more work involved, but it's not meant to make your life harder. And in the long run, it's well worth it.

PSU’s nationally recognized Honors College has supported and inspired some of the university’s most high-achieving students for more than 40 years. Our Honors College offers the atmosphere of a small liberal arts school with the benefits of a large urban university, and is open to all majors.

Honors students learn to be both critical consumers and producers of knowledge, and gain the skills that prepare them to land rewarding opportunities after graduation. Students engage in more meaningful discussions due to smaller class sizes and independence when doing research. Honors students have gone on to remarkable careers in medicine, the arts and sciences, law, education and sustainability.

As a student in the Honors program, you will be connected early on with internships, fellowships and scholarships, allowing you to take your talents beyond the classroom and into Portland’s living laboratory and global contexts. You also get valuable networking opportunities and the chance to dive deeper into an area you are interested in. Honors students may choose to live in the dedicated Honors dorm, which can help you build community connections and get support when you need it.

The academically intense curriculum of the Honors College prepares you for your senior thesis project. This project provides you the opportunity to work closely with a professor in your major to pursue an independent research project, which is then publicly presented and published. You heard that right! You’ll have the opportunity to get your work published while still in undergrad. This can really boost your resume when applying for jobs, internships or graduate school. 

Freshmen, transfer students and current PSU students can apply for the Honors College. You can apply to start in fall, winter and spring terms.

There is no specific GPA requirement to be considered for the Honors College. Applicants are evaluated in a holistic approach, including test scores, GPA, and answers to the honors application essay questions.

The Honors College is a unique college experience in one of the most vibrant cities in the country, and can help you make the change you want to see in your community.

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