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Unique PDX Foods

You have already heard about the usual Portland food staples: donuts, coffee and ice cream, but how about trying something truly unique? Many Portland restaurants experiment with food fusion and create thrilling new combinations. We picked some of our favorite unique items from around Rose City to give you a peek into our incredible and creative food scene.

A Sushi Donut or Burrito

At first, the sound of a donut made of sushi may be stomach-churning, but take our word for it, this creation is actually delicious. Wasabi Sushi PDX starts with a base of sushi rice and layers on a slice of delicious fresh fish. So really, it’s like a sushi roll that has just been shaped like a donut. Another option is Sumo Sushi at Portland State. They create sushi burritos which are like regular sushi rolls, but made jumbo!

Crème-brulee Crepes

Sure, you love crêpes. They are like giant thin pancakes that are wrapped around fresh fruit or ice cream or even around savory items, but have you ever have it wrapped around the delectable creaminess of crème-brulee? At Boom Crêpes, you can make this dream a reality, but know that you may have to wait about 15 minutes for your treasure to be created.

Beet Pizza

We have some amazing pizza here in Portland, but one of the best things about our pizza is that there are tons of vegan options. One of the most surprising and delicious is the Beetnik Pizza from Mississippi Pizza. It combines delicious garlic olive oil sauce, spinach, roasted beets, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, kalamata olives, and finishes with an herb dusting.

A Scoop of Cookie Dough

A scoop of ice cream is incredible but have you ever had a scoop of cookie or brownie dough? The Cookie Dough Cafe is just like an ice cream shop, but you choose a dough instead. Don’t worry! Everything is completely safe to eat. They also have pints to take to go if you prefer your scoop at home.

Here's some more of our favorites: