Things to Know Before Your First Day of Classes

Know which buildings your classes are in before the first day

It’s always a good idea to find the location of your classes before the first day of class, so you don’t get lost the day of! Take a walk around the campus to each of the buildings where your classes are located to find out how long it will take you to get between classes. 

The location of your class is listed in the course description in Banweb. Go to Student Services, then Registration Hub, then View Schedule. You can use our list of buildings to search for the location of your class.

Arrive early

Plan to get to your class about 15 minutes before the start time. This gives you time to pick the perfect seat, refill your water bottle or find a place to charge your laptop. And in case you get lost on your way to class, you’ll have some extra time to find your way.

Check if there’s homework due on the first day of class

Sometimes professors assign readings or assignments that are due on the first day of class. Don’t be caught off guard! Check your syllabus for your class schedule and homework due dates so that there’s no surprises.

Try to meet people in your class to form study groups

This is as simple as asking the person next to you if they want to study together! You can also notice if people in your class ask interesting questions or seem excited about the material. These are usually the best people to study with because they’re already passionate about the topic.

Forming study groups is key to success in college. You can help each other out by studying together, staying motivated and having someone to rely on in case you miss a day of class. 

Read the syllabus and come prepared

Your syllabus is the best way to keep track of your classes. Make sure to read it before the first day. Write down any questions you have and ask the professor on the first day. 

It’s helpful to put the assignment due dates in your planner as soon as you find out about them. Your calendar will fill up quickly and a 10-week term will fly by!

If you have general questions on your first day, you can always approach any Portland State employee to ask questions.

 If you’re a commuting student, read our blog post: The Commuter’s Guide to a Successful First Term.