Get to Know the PSU Library


The Portland State Library is a powerful resource both in person and online. Let's walk through all the resources available to you as a student.

The PSU Library, also called the Branford Price Millar Library (“Millar” for short), is that building with the curved windows overlooking a big tree and the Park Blocks. 

The rumors are true—the 1989 addition to the building was built around the ancient copper beech tree. The historic tree (now a Portland Heritage Tree) and surrounding library symbolize our dedication to environmental awareness and preservation of the Pacific Northwest’s beauty.

Library hours vary for different resources and for holidays, so visit the website for hours and openings. You can also see a current list of services you can find at the library

What You’ll Find at the Library




Circulation Desk


Your go-to place to check out any supplies you might need: books, laptops, chargers, headphones and Course Reserves (short term loans of textbooks or other materials for class).

Studying Areas


3, 4 and 5

The library is a great place to go if you need a quiet area to focus. The basement, fourth, and fifth floors are designated quiet areas. If you’re with a group, we have group study tables on the second and third floors.

Computer Lab


Here you’ll find 80 computers, both Macs and PCs. There are also printers you can use from lab computers or print online from your personal computer. Make sure to have your student ID handy when you go to print.

Reference Desk


Need help finding a book or starting your research? Ask a librarian at the Reference Desk. They’re available to answer your questions.

Learning Center


Here you can meet with peer tutors to get free help with math, sciences, statistics, and world languages. They also offer free academic coaching. Visit their tutor schedule to make an appointment.


Our librarians specialize in any subject you can imagine. Get in contact with your subject librarian for specialized help, like if you need to track down information about particular scientific research for a paper or if you want to read more about a topic in class. You can meet with librarians in person or chat with a librarian online.

Books and Collections

Visit the Library Catalog to find a specific book, whether for class or just for leisure.

If you need a book that isn’t available at our library, you have access to books through the Summit and Interlibrary Loan. Summit is an alliance between 39 colleges and universities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho that makes their collections available to students in participating schools.

You can request a book from Summit through the Library Catalog and a school that has it will send it to the Millar Library for you to pick it up. Books only take about five days to arrive! If Summit doesn’t have the materials you need, you can request them from Interlibrary Loan.

The PSU Library has a number of Special Collections and Archives, featuring everything from African American History in Oregon to rare Medieval manuscripts. We even have a complete Dark Horse Comics Collection! You can read and check out comics from the browsing collection. Learn more about the Dark Horse Comics Collection in our blog about comics at PSU and in Portland.


In college, you’re likely to have assignments where you’re required to cite peer-reviewed research studies. And a lot of times you might get stuck because these papers require a subscription to read. Fortunately, you can use the Databases and Articles collection through the Millar Library to get access to those articles. Our library pays all the fees for you to access articles and materials online. Visit the Databases and Articles to find what you need.

Subject Guides

If you don’t know where to start your research, or you want more information about a subject you’re studying in class, visit the Subject and Course Guides. The librarians who specialize in these topics put together special guides with a bunch of useful resources. They make it as easy as possible for you to get the resources you need, like relevant databases, industry journals and more.


Ever wanted to find work published by our students and faculty? PDXScholar is a database that gives you access to all the articles and research put out by our students and faculty, including studies, dissertations and theses, university archives, journals and open access textbooks.

Visit the library in person or go to the library website to get access to the resources available to you as a student.