What is the Financial Wellness Center at Portland State?

It's no secret, university finances can be intimidating and college costs a lot of money. It can be a difficult subject to talk about or you may not know where to go for advice.

The Financial Wellness Center (FWC) is a resource for helping students manage and budget their money so that they can get the most out of their time in college.

Here, you have the opportunity to meet with financial wellness coaches, who can help you understand things like paying back loans, creating a budget, and understanding how to pay for college. You can also meet with peer mentors, who are PSU students themselves and can answer questions about college financing. 

The FWC site also has a ton of resources like the college cost meter, which helps you track what you’ve spent on your education. You can also find information about scholarships, legal assistance, what a credit score is and how to improve it, different kinds of loans available and money-saving resources.

The goal of the FWC is to create an environment where students can talk candidly about money so that they can be proactive with their finances. Students can appreciate the transparent and collaborative aspects of the Center. Also, parents, transfer students, and even graduating seniors are able to visit the Center for help.

The FWC can help students in the midst of a financial crisis, but they aim to facilitate a more proactive approach to budgeting for their education.

PSU is proud to be the only university in Oregon operating a resource like this, which speaks to our strongly-held principles of accessibility and inclusivity. 

Appointments are completely free! Schedule an appointment with a Financial Wellness Coach today.