Fall Plan Announcement Webinar and Q&A

Fall Plan Announcement Webinar


Here are the presentation slides used in the webinar (PDF).

Questions and Answers


Class Formats

What are the class formats (Online, Remote, In-Person)?

Our Fall Flex page describes the five different course delivery formats. We anticipate that 10-20% of classes will be in-person. We are limiting in-person courses to a maximum of 25 students. 

When you select courses online will you see the format of the class? 

The class format will be decided by the professor and the department by August 10. If you have already signed up for classes, you will be able to check the format on August 10. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to participate in in-person classes. The image below shows what you can expect to see when you check your classes. Note this image is showing an online class; remote classes are different and will not be assessed the additional fee.

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 4.10.09 PM-1

What technology support will be available?

In order to ensure digital access for all students, you can check out laptops for an entire term at the Library Circulation Desk on the first floor. Additionally, some departments have their own laptop loan programs. Portable WiFi hotspots, on-campus computer labs will be open and academic software applications are accessible through the Virtual Computer Lab. Remote classes will be held using Zoom and you can learn about how to use Zoom on our website.

Will you offer Pass/No Pass Grading for fall?

As was true in Spring and Summer terms, the University has extended the expanded use of the temporary Pass/No-Pass (P/NP) grading option for fall term.

Class Scheduling

How can I make sure I get into an in-person class?

This is not something we can promise. We won’t know until August 10, and it’s possible that most or all of your courses will be hybrid, remote, or online. Work with your advisor to select the courses that are appropriate for your major.

Deadlines and Academic Calendar

When do classes start? What is the deadline to add or drop a class?

You can view the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines, start dates, and other relevant information.

Orientation, Registration, and Advising

When do I register?

Incoming freshmen will sign up for classes during New Student Orientation. During Orientation, you will also learn about navigating our websites, campus and Portland. 

How do I change my major? What if I need help registering for classes?

You can contact an Academic Advisor online with questions.



Can I live on campus if all my classes are remote or online? 

Yes, you are welcome to live on campus. About 650 students lived on campus when we were fully remote in Spring term. Students will have the option to reside in campus housing in fall term and throughout the academic year. Safety protocols are in place to ensure healthy accommodations including ample living space to ensure physical distancing and flexible on-campus dining options. Other campus spaces will be open to students including the Library, Center for Student Health and Counseling, and Campus Rec.


Can I defer my housing contract to winter term?

Yes, you can defer your campus housing contract to Winter term. If you defer, you will not be charged for Fall term and will move into your new home for Winter. 

Can I cancel my housing contract?

Yes, the deadline to cancel your housing contract is August 17 at 5 pm. If you cancel by the deadline you will get a refund for your $140 prepayment.

Room Assignments

Do I have to pay more if I’m switched from a double to a single?

If you signed up for a double room for Fall you are guaranteed the double room rate, even if you do not have a roommate. 

Can I still live with a roommate?

If you would like to live with your roommate, you can email housing@pdx.edu with your request and they will determine if this is the best option for you.

What will on-campus housing be like?

We will be prioritizing single units for Fall term to ensure health and safety. Masks will be required on campus, see Health & Safety below for more information. Elevators will be limited to one person or family at a time.


What will move-in day look like?

Move-in will be by appointment between Thursday, September 24 and Friday, September 25. You will receive a date and time for your appointment.

Dining and Meals

Are meal plans still available to students?

Yes, meal plans are still available. Victor’s Dining Hall will be open and offer to-go meals (no serve yourself), and additional cleaning processes will be in place.

20170518_PSU_Spring_289 (2)

Health & Safety

What steps is PSU taking to ensure our students’ safety on campus?

PSU’s Physical Distancing Policy (PDF) outlines the requirements for anyone on campus. Cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers will be readily available and abundant. Face masks are required when you are indoors or in a shared space on campus. Wherever possible, we are improving filtration and increasing outdoor airflow on buildings across campus. Review Fall Flex Student information for more details.

Are students required to wear masks? 

Face coverings or masks are required indoors and in shared spaces for anyone who visits PSU’s campus. 

Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

We will also be providing in-house COVID-19 testing and carrying out contract tracing. There is no fee for testing -- the cost is covered by a grant and students will not be charged. We are not requiring people to get tested, but if you have a concern, contact SHAC for a medical assessment to determine if testing is needed. 

Do I still have to have health insurance if all my classes are remote or online?

Yes, health insurance is still a requirement even if all of your classes are held remotely.

If all my classes are remote, will the MMR vaccination requirement be temporarily waived?

While it is a requirement we are working with students who, due to COVID, cannot meet the requirement. Students can contact measles@pdx.edu to work out a deferral.


Admission Deferral

Can I defer my acceptance until Winter term? What about until next year?

You can either change your start term or apply for a gap year deferral. If you have questions about either of these options, contact your admissions counselors as soon as possible so they can help you make the right decision for your situation.

What about for graduate students?

For graduate students, deferrals are at the discretion of the individual academic department.


Financial Aid

Can I get more financial aid because of COVID-19?

If your financial situation has changed significantly because of COVID-19, we will be opening an appeal process on August 1. You will be able to submit documentation to update your FAFSA and we can reevaluate your eligibility. If you have already been awarded the annual maximum of financial aid, there will not be any additional funding available at this time.

Work Study

Can I still do a work study program?

Our Financial Aid Department is working with multiple departments to fund as many work study positions as we can safely support. Many departments will be hiring for remote only positions. Please continue to monitor your PSU email for any updates and instructions on how to find a job at PSU.


Can I apply for a grant from the CARES Act?

We are no longer accepting applications for CARES Act.



What is the situation for international students?

PSU was surprised and concerned by the U.S. Government announcement that international students taking online classes only will not be able to stay in the United States this fall. These changes are not yet final.  It is possible that this guidance will change prior to September. You will know by August 10 whether your PSU fall term schedule will be fully remote or not.  Based on the guidance issued on 6 July, no new students will be permitted to enter the United States if they have an entirely remote/online course schedule for Fall term. 

New international students are encouraged to ascertain whether or not the U.S. Embassy or Consulate is already open and making visa appointments for admitted students with a PSU-issued I-20. 

International students may enroll remotely from outside the U.S. if their course schedule allows for them to do so. 


Student Resources

Meeting People at PSU

How can I make new friends at PSU?

There are plenty of events new students can attend, including Connect2PSU Days, virtual club meetings, workout classes at Campus Rec, Resource Center Webinars, the New Student Facebook Page, the go2PSU Instagram account and the virtual Party in the Park.

Many student groups have moved their regular meetings to virtual events. There are many opportunities to engage in student leadership from wherever you are. Our eleven Cultural and Resource Centers are offering virtual and phone appointments and hosting virtual events.

Resources for Students

Will the library be open?

Student resources and services, including the Library, will be open and available to support students. The Campus Rec Center plans to be open in Fall term with programs designed to promote wellbeing in innovative formats. Rec Club practices, events, and trips are cancelled until further notice.

How do I get my student ID card?

To get your student ID, contact ID Card Services in University Financial Services to set up an appointment.



Will tuition be lowered because of COVID-19? 

Tuition rates will not be lowered due to COVID-19 and can be viewed on the website. Contact Student Financial Services with any questions. 

Why are online courses more expensive?

Online courses are charged an additional $35 per credit. These courses are different from remote because they were specifically designed to be delivered in an online format. Remote courses do not have this charge. Online courses were charged this fee prior to COVID.

We have worked hard to answer as many questions as possible about PSU's plan for fall term. If you still have questions you can post them in the New Student Facebook Group or the Parent and Family Facebook Group, or email admissions@pdx.edu