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Center For Entrepreneurship Director: Limitless Possibilities For PDX’s Future

Angela Jackson got a taste for entrepreneurship at age 3 when her parents paid her a penny a piece to wrap circuit boards for their home-grown company. When she saw the rewards that came from their hard work and sacrifice, she knew the power that entrepreneurship had to change lives. So it was a natural fit when Jackson became the director of the PSU Business Accelerator, and later the PSU Center for Entrepreneurship. Through her guidance and connections, the Accelerator has grown into a business powerhouse.

In the last decade, it has helped launch 140 science and technology startups, including 10 companies started by PSU faculty. Companies in the Accelerator have hired more than 1,200 students for capstone projects and internships. Those companies and the ones that have graduated and moved on from the Accelerator have generated more than 2,000 high-wage jobs.

“Portland has an uncommonly rich economic ecosystem,” she says. “Startups, mentors, advisors, industry experts, people moving here every day who have been at the top of their game in other big markets – they’re all coming here with a desire to contribute.”

She likes to impart the idea that a healthy, well-managed appetite for risk is a key to creating nearly limitless rewards – not just for the people doing the risk-taking, but for the people they bring into their orbit.

Jackson sees entrepreneurship as a way to live a self-actualized life, where instead of waiting for the next job, you create your own – or form a company that creates a lot of jobs. She loves her mission of helping students and others see those same possibilities. And she sees the community at PSU—innovative leaders who are research- and community-focused—as paving the way for an exciting future.