Dining Options Around Campus

Portland is a foodie city and our campus in the heart of downtown is no exception. As a student, it can be difficult to manage everything on your to-do list AND make sure you’re staying nourished. But there are plenty of great options for dining and eating around campus! 

Meal plans through Campus Dining

With a meal plan, you can take something off your plate (ha!) and spend more time focusing on studying and going to class.

Campus Dining offers a couple different options for students, staff and faculty at PSU. You can eat at Victor’s Dining Center, our dining hall (yay, no dishes!), or spend your dining dollars at any of the other PSU Eats locations. 

There’s different options for meal plans, including meal plans for commuters, meal plans for students who live on campus, and meal plans for faculty and staff. If you feel like cooking occasionally, you can even buy your own produce through them.

Remember, all students participating in the First Year Experience (FYE) program are required to purchase a meal plan through campus dining.

PSU Food Pantry

A hidden gem in our campus community is the PSU Food Pantry. Here, students get free groceries and pantry items. They’ve usually got a wide selection of vegetables, frozen foods, snacks, drinks, meat and dairy. They even usually stock vegan or vegetarian options, like dairy-free cheeses. To make an appointment, visit their website. It’s totally free to students. Part of your student fees help run the food pantry, so really, all students should take advantage of this!

Buying Food

In addition to meal plans through PSU, there are tons of quick and delicious food carts around campus like the 4th street pod (between College and Hall). There are also food carts usually on campus, like by the Millar Library. These food trucks are mobile and can sometimes change up their location, so they might be there one day and gone the next! There’s always something new and exciting to look forward to trying.

The Smith Student Union is great for snacks, quick meals and grabbing coffee before class. Smith’s Kitchen is like a small food court where you can find local Portland favorites like Ring of Fire, On the Go, 503 Burger, Simply Puur, and PDX local. Smith’s place has coffee options and treats like Salt & Straw ice cream.

If you’re looking to try something outside of your comfort zone, make sure to try all of our favorite unique and delicious foods in Portland.

Bringing food from home

One way to save money and eat healthy is to bring your own meals to campus with you. If you’re planning on bringing your own food to campus, you can heat your meals at the microwaves available in the Karl Miller Center on the ground floor and a couple locations inside the Smith Student Union: Multicultural Student Services office, the Women's Resource Center, and the Resource Center for Students with Children.